more about echo

In June 2010, Echo Service Provider was founded by Grant Thom, Angus MacRobert and Anthony Southgate. The cementing force behind the team's opus was their recognition for the clients' need for choice, their need to choose and gain access to a network based not only on its strength but also on its profile, in this way, ascertaining the clients' every need.

Echo is thus primarily client-focused and provides the most acute solutions, with additional value-added services forming vital roles in organisations' technology requirements.

The Echo staff complement continues to grow today, they form a crucible of passion and enthusiasm for the ever-expanding industry and extend this to every sphere of their work. Each member has unique experience and proficiencies, with many having spent over a decade in the ISP industry. Our highly adept engineers boast many Cisco qualifications, including CCIE, CCNP and more, but what is most important, is that they are extremely well trained in addressing client needs. Our unified engineer staff provide expert support to our clients and form a core part of the IT team.

Grant Thom: Grant is a Co-Founder of Echo, with in excess of 10 years of ISP experience. Grant spent a large part of his professional career in IS, where he managed many of the blue chip organisations and helped not only in the growth of IS, but also in developing and delivering on strategies for these South African based blue chip organisations.

Angus MacRobert: Angus is an Executive Director and shareholder of Echo. Angus studied at the University of Oxford as well as the University of Cape Town and is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in the ISP arena, including CEO at IS and Vox, having tenures with Dimension Data, Persetel and Capita Partners.

Ant Southgate: Anthony is a Co-Founder of Echo, also with in excess of a decade of ISP experience. Anthony studied engineering at Wits and has been involved in the development of many ISP business areas, including Hosting, Security and Cloud Services.

Colin Chifamba: Colin is the Technical Manager at Echo with over 6 years of experience with the company. Colin studied at Wits Business School and is highly adept in the ISP sphere with a number of endorsements including Cisco.

Bruce MacRobert: Bruce is a non-executive Director at Echo with over two decades experience in managerial/directorship positions. Bruce studied a Bcom at the University of Cape Town and is also a certified Chartered Accountant.