There are many definitions for aggregation. At Echo we have created a Supernet by combining networks and infusing technologies and services into these networks, while remaining carrier neutral.

As the 1st South African carrier neutral aggregator, we have access to the leading networks and providers in the market. Our Supernet continues to grow, and includes access to and services from more than 30 different providers, including:

  • Abaricom
  • AfricaInx
  • Afrihost
  • Baharicom
  • Broadlink
  • CMC
  • DFA
  • EOH
  • Frogfoot
  • Internet Solutions
  • ITN
  • Jenny Internet
  • Liquid
  • MFN
  • Mitsol
  • MTN
  • Openserve
  • Virtual Office
  • Vodacom Business
  • Vox

Through our aggregation we are able to provide our clients a constantly growing portfolio of services in an ever-changing market, from a wide coverage of 'last mile' technologies, be it wireless or 3G, Fibre or copper. We extend our services, cloud services, internet access and VPN and VPN Exchange , security services and more – and not just in South Africa, but globally too.