Echo’s Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Service is an integral part of Echo’s Managed VPN stack and complements Echo’s aggregation of over 100 infrastructures, thereby improving how a business connects branch locations, head offices, data centres and the Cloud.

Through automated central provisioning infrastructure, managed policies define how traffic is routed (network, hosted applications or Cloud services) and adjusts paths to adapt to changing network conditions. Traffic shaping according to application-based policy combine with other features, which greatly improve the commercial and technical efficiencies in the utilisation of underlying network resources.

Supported by a broad range of networks including mobile operators, powered by diverse infrastructures, flexibility between paths, load balancing (dual point-to-point links), failover and the agility to include new connectivity options, empowers your network to accommodate a broad range of business needs. SD-WAN allows Echo to map business critical data to the appropriate link types and general Internet traffic, to the latest bulk/ broadband bandwidth options. As more applications move into the Cloud, high-speed connectivity becomes more and more relevant. It’s about buying the right connectivity for each traffic type or business requirement, all managed seamlessly by Echo.

Security will always be a key consideration for the hybrid of private and Internet connections and SD-WAN offers intrusion detection/ prevention, anti-virus, content filtering and anti-malware options.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of SD-WAN, is the ‘single pane of glass’ visibility and control that the technology offers, via a single interface, including:

  1. Centralised SD-WAN controllers allow for changes and updates to be pushed to all SD-WAN network devices, without the need for individual and monotonous edge device configuration, thereby eliminating the challenges associated with volume changes and the lack of consistency in typical WAN rollouts.
  2. SD-WAN shows which applications and users are using the bandwidth, as well as a breakdown of all applications traversing the network. This is useful in troubleshooting performance issues or abuse, as well as a compromised LAN environment.
  3. Customisable alerts allow the right information, to be sent to the right people at the right time.

SD-WAN, Echo’s integration with the Cloud platforms and our Cloud Business Unit, are all geared to make your ‘journey to the Cloud’, successful.