VPN (virtual private network) services have become standard practice for organisations with multiple branches. VPN services take into account an organisation’s need to be protected from but still connected to one another. Echo offers VPN services, be these for a small number of branches wanting to communicate and share infrastructure, or for large multi-nationals with varying forms of connectivity; from branches throughout South Africa, Africa or the world, requiring guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS).

The Echo VPN Exchange has been specifically designed to ensure that the interaction between and the flow of traffic through multiple VPN’s is managed and controlled in a safe and secure method. Convergence between networks is now not only a reality but it has become uncomplicated and seamless with the VPN Exchange Service. Clients wishing to interact with other clients, partners or suppliers who are on a different VPN using a different supplier may now do so without having the need for any additional or unnecessary costs, complexities or connectivity.